7 September 2016

Scotland and international experiences of scaling-up participatory budgeting

The Scottish Government has recently reiterated its support for participatory budgeting with a blog post by the Minister for Local Government and Housing which confirms a national support programme for local authorities and communities

An international conference on participatory budgeting will be taking place in Edinburgh on 20th and 21st October 2016.

So we thought this was a good time to ask Giovanni Allegretti, who talked about international experiences of participatory budgeting at a What Works Scotland event in June, to share his reflections on ‘scaling-up’ participatory budgeting and how Scotland can learn from, and contribute to, the international expansion of participatory democracy.

4 July 2016

"Challenge current practice and assumptions! Make waves!!" - Findings from a Collaborative Action Research learning event

What Works Scotland and Community Planning Partnerships put themselves under the spotlight at an event where participants shared their Collaborative Action Research experiences from across Scotland, and examined this way of working.

Here Richard Brunner, Research Associate at What Works Scotland, highlights the findings.

24 May 2016

The 2016 Alliance Conference and the Politics of Possibility

On 23rd May, The Alliance - the national third sector intermediary for health and social care organisations in Scotland, held its annual conference, and at the same time celebrated its 10th birthday.

In this blog, Claire Bynner, Research Associate for What Works Scotland, reflects on the people at the event, their activism, and the politics of possibility.

9 May 2016

What key Evidence to Action resources are available for public service reform?

Karen Seditas offers an overview of What Works Scotland knowledge partners’ resources for Evidence to Action.

What Works Scotland (WWS) has a range of knowledge partners who have a role in improving the use of evidence in public service reform. We explored these partners’ Evidence to Action (E2A) activity in the context of public service delivery to provide an overview of the evidence approaches provided, specifically:
  • target audiences/participants,
  • broad topics (relating to public service reform),
  • what resources they use,
  • the types of activity (mechanisms) involved in those services,
  • what gaps currently exist.

Co-production: I believe in Unicorns after all, they are Scotland’s National animal!

This is a guest blog from Hilda Campbell (COPE Scotland) who was our ‘keynote reader’ at the Scottish launch of Catherine Durose’s new book on co-production. 

I was delighted to be invited by What Works Scotland and the Scottish Co-production network to the launch of ‘Designing Public Policy for Co–production: Theory, practice and change’  and for asking my opinion of what I think is going to prove to be a very important book. It was also lovely to meet the Author Catherine Durose and I look forward to meeting again in 2017 and finding more about the ‘ARC’ (see Jam & Justice project) which she and colleagues are bringing to Scotland.